What is Kleoverse?
We are building the DAO Working Platform to revolutionize talent signaling, measurement and discovery on the web.

Our platform makes it frictionless to join DAOs by following joining guides curated by us or by getting started with their Bounties. Kleoverse Profiles and our Proof-of-Talent protocol helps you to verifiably showcase your previous projects with on-chain activity.

In the long-term, we're building a more flexible, transparent, and meaningful professional world in which opportunities are equally and objectively distributed across the globe based on validated expertise.
Which kind of work can I find from Kleoverse?
Kleoverse hosts +600 decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). These internet-native organizations offer various working opportunities, from individual bounties to long-term contributions or even full-time employment.

In Kleoverse, these DAOs have listed dozens of bounties for you to work with. Bounties are individual, narrowly-scoped projects to help you get started with the respective DAO. Follow the instructions, apply, conduct the project, and earn the reward!

Also, we have curated step-by-step guides for joining any DAO listed in Kleoverse. Discover the DAO you align the most with, follow our guides, and start contributing today!
What is a DAO?
Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is an internet-native organization. DAOs are decentralized, i.e. community-governed – they are managed by the holders of their native governance token, and all major decisions are made via community vote. DAOs don't have CEOs or formal leadership but all decision-making is based on proposals that any community member can craft.

DAOs autonomous, meaning that they are built on top of immutable smart contracts that are deployed on the blockchain. In other words, the foundation of the organization is set in stone in the code and can't be modified by any single party.

DAO is the internet-native way of building corporations but also adaptable to many other forms and needs, such as non-profits, investment organizations, and coops.
What are Bounties?
Bounties are individual, narrowly-scoped projects posted by a DAO. The project description, targets, and related rewards are decided by the organization for which the bounty is conducted. Typically anyone can apply for open Bounties – the first approved bounty hunter can conduct the project. When the DAO accepts the final submission, the reward is paid to the bounty hunter.

Bounties are often a great way to get started with any new DAO – you can easily get a sense of how it's like to work with the respective organization and which kind of projects they have to offer. Also, many DAOs use Bounties as a way to source talent for their ecosystems – those succeeding well are often offered further opportunities, possibly opening a route for becoming a core contributor!
What are Grants?
Grants are larger projects that are funded by a DAO for advancing their ecosystem, building their community, or even spinning off new organizations. Grant programs typically define the themes or priorities to be funded, and project teams can apply for funding for related projects. A Grant Committee then makes the final funding decision of the respective DAO.

Grants are longer-term projects that require more dedication from project teams. If you have a great idea of how to advance a particular ecosystem or want to dedicate more time to a specific DAO, applying for a Grant could be a good opportunity!
How can I join a DAO?
Onboarding processes to DAOs vary significantly. Some DAOs adhere to more structured processes, while others are much more flexible. Often the best advice is only to "Go to Discord and be active."

To make the process efficient, we have curated step-by-step joining guides for all DAOs listed in Kleoverse. We tell you which servers to join and where to be active to get started. Our goal is to help you get started with the organization you align the most with frictionlessly.

Something more concrete is coming up soon, stay tuned ;)
I'm not a developer. Can I find projects from Kleoverse?

Many DAOs need developers, but most organizations are looking for talent in other fields all the time, too. For example, content creators, community managers, operators, designers, and many others are constantly needed in most DAOs. In general, active, committed contributors that are strongly aligned to the DAOs mission are always needed by any organization :)

Check out our joining guides of your favorite DAOs and see if there are suitable opportunities for you!
Why should I work for DAOs?
DAOs are flexible and transparent bottom-up organizations in which all participants are incentivized to take action via ownership. DAOs are controlled by their community, making all major decisions with democratic voting – anyone can make proposals and affect the roadmap, investments, new initiatives, etc. regardless of their role in the organization.

Many DAOs are highly mission-driven, with meaningful long-term goals that would be impossible to target in traditional, hierarchical corporations. So if you are looking for impactful work for a mission that is close to your heart, working for DAOs is likely for you!
I'm a beginner with web3 and DAOs. How can I get started?
Web3 and DAOs are rapidly emerging phenomena – so don't worry, you're definitely not the only beginner around :)

For education, we recommend the following resources:
- Educational courses like Buildspace & Questbook
- Learn-to-earn platforms such as Rabbit Hole & Layer3
- Curated collections of high-quality materials like useWeb3 & Web3 University
- Educational communities such Crypto, Cultures, and SocietyOdyssey

However, we believe the best way to learn is to start actually working with a real-life project. Many DAOs don't require extensive crypto experience for valuable contributions – instead, most organizations benefit from anyone bringing their unique skills on the table. Therefore, if you're looking for DAO experience, one of the best ways is to discover a meaningful DAO from Kleoverse and get started!
How can I start working?
After logging in, you can discover both open Bounties and available DAOs  our platform. If you're interested in Bounties, choose the one that matches your skills, experience level, and intended time commitment. Follow the instructions given by the DAO about application, forms of working, and submitting the final project when you're working with the Bounty.

If you're interested in joining a DAO with a longer time horizon than just a single Bounty, you can start by discovering available organizations from Kleoverse. Once you've found DAO(s) you align with, follow our step-by-step joining guides to join the servers, be active in the right channels, and take the correct steps to get started!
How do I get paid from successful projects?
All DAOs have their own policies for paying for successful projects. For Bounties, payments typically happen after the final project has been submitted. Bounty rewards are often paid out either in the DAO's own governance token, some of the common stablecoins, or $ETH. For longer-term contributors, payment policies may vary significantly between DAOs from project-based payments to regular, community-voted compensation. DAO members are typically compensated for their work with the DAO's proprietary token.
How does Kleoverse work with DAOs?
We host some of the largest DAOs as well as emerging communities on our platform. Regardless of the size or stage of your DAO, we offer a pool of highly talented individuals looking for new professional opportunities. Whether you are looking for developers to participate in bounties or long-term core contributors to build your community, we can provide you with some of the most talented individuals to take on the challenge!

If your DAO is not listed on Kleoverse yet, or you'd like to run Bounties on our platform, please follow the link in the header. We'll add your DAO and/or Bounties to Kleoverse the soonest!
My favorite DAO is missing. Can I submit it?
Certainly! Find the link "Add Your DAO" from the header, fill out the form, and we'd be happy to add your favorite DAO at Kleoverse the soonest 📯
I'd like to contribute to Kleoverse! How can I participate?
We are still very early days as an organization. Our small core team is working hard to constantly improve the platform and build the underlying protocols. At the same time, we are gradually building our community and decentralizing the development work.

We will publish our roadmap soon and open our GitHub for pull requests during the upcoming months. We will also start posting paid bounties in Kleoverse soon ;) In the long term, it's one of the most valid options to hand over the platform, related protocols, and all of the development work to our community by becoming a DAO.

We are always happy to hear how we can make Kleoverse better! So if you have any ideas or requests, please share them with us at our Discord server!