At Kleoverse, we are building the platform of work in web3, with a mission to revolutionize talent measurement, signaling, and discovery on the web. We want to empower anyone to work with projects they deserve with their verified actions – contributing to a more flexible and meaningful professional world where opportunities are distributed based on transparently measurable results.

We believe in progressive decentralization and want to empower our community to gradually take over the development and governance of the Kleoverse platform and protocols. The first step of this process is to publish regular product updates – today, we continue by publishing our product roadmap.

1.-2. DAO & Bounty Discovery

During the first months of our existence, we have built a platform for discovering the leading DAOs and their open working opportunities. Within two months after launch, we have:

  • Gathered together +150 DAOs
  • Curated the first-ever step-by-step joining guides for all of them
  • Hosted +60 bounties
  • Helped to match contributors with dozens of bounties and other web3 working opportunities.

However, the current platform is just the first step for us – a way for testing hypotheses and understanding our prospective users’ problems and needs. We will start rolling out the next steps soon 😉

3. DAO Working Platform

Our current Discovery platform is only limited with functionality. We will soon (👀) launch Kleoverse V2.0, the DAO Working Platform, with a completely revised design, improved discovery functionality, and tools for DAOs to manage their projects and profiles. Our goal is to become the leading platform for running and finding bounties and other DAO-related professional opportunities.

Stay tuned for the next week 📯🚀

4. Bounty Protocol

Next, we will build a bounty protocol to help DAOs take the current off-chain bounty-operating processes on the chain. While we help DAOs to run their bounties on Kleoverse already today, with the protocol, we will launch various tools for bounty project management, on-chain information storage, and natively embedded crypto payments during spring 2022. Running on Polygon, the protocol helps DAOs operate in the EVM-compatible world with marginal gas fees.

Combining all these features, our goal is to make our bounty protocol the leading toolkit for managing and running DAO bounties in a web3-native way.

5. Kleoverse Profiles

We aim to help our users to build their professional identities on the web – a web3-native professional outlook with on- and off-chain inputs.

The first iteration of the profiles will help our users to showcase their Kleoverse projects and the most important off-chain inputs as NFTs. We will stream off-chain data on the chain, adding more and more data sources gradually. Our goal is to build a relevant professional profile for gaining new working opportunities within the Kleoverse platform and the broader web3 ecosystem.

6. Proof-of-Talent

We believe that the professional credentials of the future are stored and verified on the chain. Therefore, we are developing a Proof-of-Talent framework to verify people’s contributions to different projects done on-chain. That is achieved by integrating off-chain data and projects done with Bounty Protocol to Kleoverse Profiles.

Our long-term goal is to help anyone validate their previous actions and results with their on-chain activity. Eventually, we aim at ensuring a transparent and verifiable, even anonymous way of showcasing professional expertise on the internet-native fields.

7. Validation Network

We believe social reputation – referrals and endorsements – should be a core part of anyone’s resume. Token-empowered web3-native endorsements can ensure proper incentives with sufficient scarcity of referrals. As a result, well-designed referral mechanisms can encapsulate the opinions of the network and create the needed validation layer on top of the Proof-of-Talent to build comprehensive internet-native resumes – the core component of blockchain-verified, trustless professional relationships on the web.

8. Community Empowerment

We want to gradually empower our community to take a larger and larger role in developing Kleoverse. Our mission is to revolutionize talent measurement, signaling, and discovery on the web, and it can be reached only with the power of the community.

This roadmap outlines the main steps we plan to take within the next 18 months. However, we are more than happy to hear any comments on how to take those steps – or if they make sense in the first place! We are also planning to post more and more projects to participate in executing this plan. Join the discussion and learn about the latest opportunities in our Discord

And what happens after this roadmap has been completed – it is yet to be decided! We hope that by then, our community has taken over both the development and the governance of Kleoverse. It should be up to users, not a centralized core team, to plan the next turns of our roadmap 💚

We would highly appreciate all feedback related to our roadmap! Whether you have comments, questions, or want to be a part of building Kleoverse, we are looking forward to discussing it in our Discord!

Thanks for signing up, see you soon at Kleoverse 💚
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