December 6, 2021
Product Updates, December 2021
Weekly product development highlights from the Kleoverse team
Joni Karras
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December 12, 2021
We spent the week mostly by upgrading DAO cards and preparing for updates we will ship next week – expect some major improvements on DAO cards and natively embedded sharing functionality 📯

Development of DAO cards

We think our DAO cards should contain information about all relevant ways to get involved with the respective organization. Bounties and grants are great starting points if they exist – however, many organizations don't post them regularly in public.

For this reason, we want to include simple and clear guides on how to join to any DAO you wish – whether it's via bounties or grants, bug bounties or applying for a full-time job, or just by joining to the relevant channels in the DAO's Discord server.

We will soon launch some exciting features that tap into these problems. This week, we invested heavily in back-end preparations and gathering relevant data for the upcoming launch.

Stay tuned for our news 📯

Improvements in sharing functionality

We have been striving to improve the ways how Kleoverse could be shared among friends – working with DAOs is after all way more fun with some of your buddies, right?

This week, we added a sharing modal behind the info button of the platform and a native way to copy the sharing link from the modal.

You may hear exciting news related to these improvements next week... 😉

Other Improvements

  • Upgraded calm background to profiles and unique DAO cards
  • Minor upgrades to the current DAO cards
  • Upgrade to Google Analytics 4-package to support a new Google ID

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December 6, 2021
On the first week of December, we released major improvements in the design of a single DAO card as well as the grid discovery of bounties and grants. Also, we included functionality to natively request content to and share it from Kleoverse.

Re-Design of DAO Card

Our goal is to represent the most important information of any DAO concisely in a single, compact view. In order to do that, we profoundly re-designed our DAO cards.

The renewed DAO card gathers both the basic information and all the Bounties and Grants of the respective organization in a single view. For the user, it's seamless to understand the mission of a DAO, scroll through their projects, and get a base-level understanding of the open opportunities within the respective organization, while repeating the same to any relevant DAO in a short time.

The revision includes not only a new layout but also improved colors and restructuring of existing content.

New features coming up within the upcoming weeks!

Enhanced Grid View

In our previous version, we rolled out one of the mostly requested features by our existing users, a new grid-based view for discovering DAOs. This week, we included the same functionality for Bounties and Grants.

Our goal is to enable a quick understanding of all available projects, so that by clicking the user can find additional information from any respective project.

Request And Share Content

As the third main improvement of this week, we shipped functionality to request content to and share it directly from Kleoverse.

All sub-pages – DAOs, Bounties, and Grants – now include a button through which the user can request new content to Kleoverse. Mainly this is targeted to people representing emerging DAOs that would like to have their organizations represented in Kleoverse. However, anyone – including individuals! – can add their bounties or other projects to our platform via the form that opens behind the button.

Users can now also natively share any DAO, Bounty or Grant to their peers directly from Kleoverse. All cards contain a Share button that enables sending a direct link to the page of the respective organization or project via the most common messaging services.

Other Improvements

  • Back button from a bounty/grant to a DAO card
  • Quickfixed black screens and errors from navigating between DAOs and their projects
  • Adjusted DAO card to browser height
  • Adjusted DAO card to the center of the screen
  • Minor updates to the DAO card styling
  • Added "Copy link" to Share modal
  • Re-configured magic link sign-up
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