Caleb Matthew
Web3 Enthusiast
"Besides Proof-of-Talent and intuitive web3 portfolios, Kleoverse connects you to the most amazing community and web3 jobs of your own choosing."

I am a web3 enthusiast. With experience in marketing and community building, I have worked with notable projects in the crypto community and looking forward to expanding my scope.

I found out about Kleoverse from one of the communities I belong to. I became curious and was excited to try out the product they were offering.

My Kleoverse profile is simple and minimalistic. I like the fact that any user can read my profile without struggling with navigating the website. Even though I don’t have many Proof-of-Talent badges yet, I think connecting off-chain projects and on-chain achievements makes up the leading web3 resume out there.

I usually log into my Kleoverse dashboard to search for whatever jobs that fit my area of expertise and apply to them. I find it much easier to apply with my Proof-of-Talent on Kleoverse rather than uploading CVs and resumes on other sites.

Kleoverse offers Proof-of-Talent and intuitive web3 portfolios but also connects you to the most amazing community and web3 jobs of your own choosing. I have already had a chance to work alongside notable devs in the web3 space thanks to Kleoverse. I would truly be very disappointed if I couldn’t use the service anymore.

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