Mohit Chandel
Blockchain Developer at Kleoverse
"Minting Proof-of-Talent badges is beneficial for any skilled developer. My badges helped me to land a great job with a smooth hiring process."

I’m a Blockchain Developer with a couple of years of professional experience. I’m excited about new projects, and I've been solving bounties and participating in hackathons for a while. After market situation got worse earlier this year, I started to look for new full-time opportunities. This is a story of how I started to use the Proof-of-Talent protocol and eventually got hired by Kleoverse, the team developing it.

I initially got introduced to Kleoverse by one of my friends. He recommended the project to me, and I was intrigued because it was the first time I heard of a protocol that enables developers to demonstrate their abilities by storing their resumes on the blockchain.

Immediately after I joined, I created various Proof-of-Talent badges to showcase achievements in my portfolio. They include Solidity, TypeScript, and Rust Skill Scores, as well as some achievements badges, such as builder and contributor badges for my work with certain languages and Stargazers to verify my most successful GitHub repositories.

As is widely known, the primary benefit of the blockchain technology is the true ownership over the web. This is also true for on-chain credentials. If your talent signals and contributions are stored on-chain, your identity is not dependent of any third party. Instead, you may proudly display the results of your hard work and the resulting professional reputation everywhere in the decentralized web with your on-chain credentials.

Earning Proof-of-Talent badges is seamless for any skilled developer. During my day-to-day work, I was developing with and learning the languages I have badges for. It led me naturally creating repositories and earning community stars for my best projects. Kleoverse has this fantastic mechanism of analyzing your GitHub stats: you only need to connect your GitHub and Stack Overflow accounts to get started. If you meet the requirements for any badge, you can mint it; if not, try to meet the requirements and mint it after 24 hours! All you need to do is to code with passion and create awesome repos.

Eventually, my Proof-of-Talent badges and Kleoverse profile assisted me in landing a great job in the team behind the whole project. During interviews, the people discussing with me already trusted my abilities based on my badges, making the hiring process smoother for both of us.

Still today, I consider Kleoverse profile to be my resume. When I was actively applying for jobs, I enjoyed the fact that my strong profile was all that was needed for telling about myself as a professional – I didn’t need to construct immediately outdated cover letters since my profile spoke for its own. Today, I’m constantly learning new skills at the job, and I keep on updating both my badges and achievement timeline that showcases the important projects I’ve been working on.

My advice for builders looking for jobs during these challenging times is simply to begin learning new skills. It is always beneficial to include as many skills as possible in your arsenal and demonstrate them with contributions or building on top of open-source projects. Also, it’s always good to meet new people, particularly seniors in your field, and try to learn from them. Adopt an attitude of eagerness to learn as much as possible because learning is a life-long, never-ending process.

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